About Us

Feral Philosophy is devoted to a question that was once the beating heart of philosophy but hasn’t gotten much respect in our distracted, tech-driven, and overly specialized age: What is the Good Life?

Of course, “Good” is shorthand for the many ways we can live meaningfully. Plus, we don’t just arrive at The Good Place (although, no doubt, an excellent TV series) and retire. Instead we’re destined to remain second-class non-sages; always on the path toward wisdom, never actually wise.

It all relates to our idea of philo-sophia or “love of wisdom” as a kind of endless wandering that began on the day we were shot out of the womb like a cannon ball. Instead of one trajectory, we aim to explore many, till death do us part. And after that, who the heck knows?

Surely, nourishing morsels of wisdom or provocative questions can be found wherever we roam — via books, movies, the arts, history, the news, literature, or even pop culture.

For example, why is Spiderman or other superheroes all the rave right now in cinemas? Why is everyone seemingly obsessed with Kim Kardashian’s gluteus maximus or becoming the next Master Chef?

For the harder core philosophical types out there: Do ancient thinkers like Aristotle, Plato, or Seneca still speak to us? Or is Tolstoy a good guide to present-day matters of war and peace?

Without getting bogged down in useless pedantry or sophistry, we try to make clear sense of the potentially life-changing ideas swirling around us, as well as those found in different cultures, or those locked away in dusty tomes from a bygone era, all while exercising our rational faculty to the utmost.

We invite you to help us unleash this kind of inquiry in our pursuit of the Good Life. With that in mind, let us un-domesticate ourselves as we venture forth into the wild and toward the great unbounded.

Feral philosophy welcomes you!