Simone de Beauvoir’s Political Philosophy Resonates Today: ‘One Is Not Born, But Rather Becomes, Woman.’

Simone de Beauvoir is rightly best known for declaring: ‘One is not born, but rather becomes, woman.’ A less well-known facet of her philosophy, particularly relevant today, is her political activism, a viewpoint that follows directly from her metaphysical stance on the self, namely that we have no fixed essences.

Philographics: L’Art Pour La Vie Philosophique

What is art for? "L'art pour l'art" wrote Théophile Gautier as a slogan in 1835. And today's bohemians continue to repeat the creed "Art for art's sake." It's a catchy slogan, still what most people unreflectively tell themselves when confronted with the question: "What is the purpose of art?"