Quote: Otto Weininger on Logic and Ethics

Logic and ethics are fundamentally the same, they are no more than duty to oneself.

―Otto Weininger, Sex and Character

Left and Right Brain Functions, artwork by Stephen Magrath | Wellcome Collection

This is a hand drawn illustration using fibre tip pens on paper. It’s a bird’s eye view of the brain looking down from above with left (red) and right (blue) hemispheres colour-coded. Traditionally, it was thought that people with left brain styles of thought tend towards logical, analytical approaches whereas people with right brain styles favour holistic, creative approaches. Neurones responsible for carrying information (in the form of electrical signals) to and from the brain are also depicted (bottom left).

Text in left side of the brain reads: linearity, logic, maths, sense.

Text in right side of the brain reads: wonder, spontaneity, imagination, empathy, sensibility, creativity, spirituality.

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