What’s the Opposite of a Relativist?

Spin the bottle in any college dorm and you’ll kiss a relativist. But have you ever set lips on an absolutist?


Absolutism is relativism’s lesser-known epistemological doppelgänger.

Absolutism: The position that within a particular school of thought, all different perspectives are either absolutely true or absolutely false.

Absolutism Postcard from Philographics: Postcard Book by Genís Carreras


Relativism is today’s secular humanist creed. It hardly needs an introduction.

Relativism: The assertion that no belief can be said to have absolute truth, having value only with a certain context or frame of reference.

Relativism Postcard from Philographics: Postcard Book by Genís Carreras

About the artwork

The etching The Kiss is by Edvard Munch (1895) courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The images representing the idea of absolutism and relativism are published in Philographics. The images were designed by Genís Carreras and the text written by Chris Thomas. Absolutism and Relativism are available as posters at Society6.

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